Feeling it

A few weeks ago I made a confession to a dj friend of mine. I’d had the thought for a long time, but I never really vocalized it to anyone except my wife. He asked why I don’t dj anymore, and the simple answer was, “I just don’t feel it anymore.” Music is a passion, and I listen to it just about all day long. I can hear the transitions, the timing, the phrasing, the mix points, and the keys. But by the time I get done listening to it, I just don’t feel that ‘want’ to get behind the decks to mix. And there’s kind of a story behind that.

2008 was one of my worst years of my life with one of the best endings. I went through a separation, dealt with some craziness, moved out of my house and in with a good friend, and found it hard to adjust to the newly single life. From a work perspective, I was in a very stable position djing. Continue reading

March 2011 audio and video mix

I found this while cleaning out my Mac hard drive from my now dead MacBook Pro. Formatted and loaded.  I didn’t make any edits to the audio or video. All of it is a live mix.
Click the links to stream or download.






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Mac 101: Lesson 2

Just Works

Just finished updating the first part of Mac 101 with some screen shots.  And granted, not everyone is going to want to do those things I posted.  They’re simply suggestions on what has helped me get used to my Mac and the way I like my pieces laid out.  With that said, here is the next round of suggestions.

1.  Keyboard shortcuts:

One of the most common questions I get is “how do you move around so quickly on your Mac?”  The answer is shortcuts.  The usual Windows keyboard shortcuts Continue reading

Mac 101 – Tips and Tricks

Around Christmas every year I get a fresh batch of people asking what they can do to make their Mac more user friendly.  I usually answer a few questions here and there, but after a while the questions stop coming and people configure to what fits their needs.  This year, I have been getting a lot more questions about how to do “this” or “that” on their newly acquired MacBook Pro.  So here are a few things that I like to recommend in order of how I do them when produced with a fresh new Mac.

1. Get familiar with System Preferences.  All of your settings are located here.  First Continue reading

Video Mix 2010


Video mix I did with Mix Emergency on November 17th 2010. This was all done live on two Technics with no post-mix editing. When I missed a mix or got off track a little bit…it’s still in there. This is a NSFW video and does contain explicit language. The mp3 of this is available on the Audio page link above. Thanks and feel free to leave comments or repost.