Play the Remix Vol 2

Play the Remix Volume 2 is up for download here and on Mixcloud.

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The Sync Button Isn’t Killing DJing

Vinyl purists have long said that digital DJs are killing the profession of the club and circuit DJs.  The reasons have varied over the years, from the digital processing of audio to CD format, the compression standards for MP3, the amount of illegal bootlegs available online, and more recently, the ability to purchase controllers and software that beatgrid songs and make automated beat-matching a reality.  But none of those things are actually killing DJing, especially in the global realm, although the latter is definitely saturating a market with lower end quality.  No, the real reason the profession is suffering Continue reading

Feeling it

A few weeks ago I made a confession to a dj friend of mine. I’d had the thought for a long time, but I never really vocalized it to anyone except my wife. He asked why I don’t dj anymore, and the simple answer was, “I just don’t feel it anymore.” Music is a passion, and I listen to it just about all day long. I can hear the transitions, the timing, the phrasing, the mix points, and the keys. But by the time I get done listening to it, I just don’t feel that ‘want’ to get behind the decks to mix. And there’s kind of a story behind that.

2008 was one of my worst years of my life with one of the best endings. I went through a separation, dealt with some craziness, moved out of my house and in with a good friend, and found it hard to adjust to the newly single life. From a work perspective, I was in a very stable position djing. Continue reading

March 2011 audio and video mix

I found this while cleaning out my Mac hard drive from my now dead MacBook Pro. Formatted and loaded.  I didn’t make any edits to the audio or video. All of it is a live mix.
Click the links to stream or download.




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Mac 101: Lesson 2

Just Works

Just finished updating the first part of Mac 101 with some screen shots.  And granted, not everyone is going to want to do those things I posted.  They’re simply suggestions on what has helped me get used to my Mac and the way I like my pieces laid out.  With that said, here is the next round of suggestions.

1.  Keyboard shortcuts:

One of the most common questions I get is “how do you move around so quickly on your Mac?”  The answer is shortcuts.  The usual Windows keyboard shortcuts Continue reading