March 2011 audio and video mix

I found this while cleaning out my Mac hard drive from my now dead MacBook Pro. Formatted and loaded.  I didn’t make any edits to the audio or video. All of it is a live mix.
Click the links to stream or download.




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Mac 101: Lesson 2

Just Works

Just finished updating the first part of Mac 101 with some screen shots.  And granted, not everyone is going to want to do those things I posted.  They’re simply suggestions on what has helped me get used to my Mac and the way I like my pieces laid out.  With that said, here is the next round of suggestions.

1.  Keyboard shortcuts:

One of the most common questions I get is “how do you move around so quickly on your Mac?”  The answer is shortcuts.  The usual Windows keyboard shortcuts Continue reading

Mac 101 – Tips and Tricks

Around Christmas every year I get a fresh batch of people asking what they can do to make their Mac more user friendly.  I usually answer a few questions here and there, but after a while the questions stop coming and people configure to what fits their needs.  This year, I have been getting a lot more questions about how to do “this” or “that” on their newly acquired MacBook Pro.  So here are a few things that I like to recommend in order of how I do them when produced with a fresh new Mac.

1. Get familiar with System Preferences.  All of your settings are located here.  First Continue reading

Video Mix 2010


Video mix I did with Mix Emergency on November 17th 2010. This was all done live on two Technics with no post-mix editing. When I missed a mix or got off track a little bit…it’s still in there. This is a NSFW video and does contain explicit language. The mp3 of this is available on the Audio page link above. Thanks and feel free to leave comments or repost.

January 2011 Mixtape

Probably not my favorite mixset of all time, but some of the breaks tracks are pretty good.  Hope you enjoy anyway!

Download here.

September Breaks 2008

September Breaks 2008. I originally put this together just to listen to in the car. Hope you enjoy.

Download here.

March Madness 2009

March Madness Mix. Some tracks I bought from Beatport I through together. Yes. I buy music.